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Relax and take it easy with easy riddles and answers! These are perfect if you’re looking for a gentle challenge or for some interesting and funny easy riddles for kids with answers. Riddles are a fun way to engage your brain and are great as ice breakers or just to add a bit of fun to any situation. However, most riddles are pretty tough to solve, so for those looking for easy riddles to solve we made this collection.

Riddles for Kids - Kids Riddles Wit...

Riddles for Kids - Kids Riddles With Answers

Whether you are looking to challenge your kids or students or just want something a bit more simple, these will do the trick. In this collection, we have divided it into two primary categories,easy riddles with answers andeasy riddles for kids. While both sections have the answers provided of course, and both could be used for children or adults, we wanted to make it easier for you to find what you were looking for. So sit back, chill out and enjoy!

Easy Riddles with Answers

I go up and I go down, I am blazing and hot. If you look right at me, your eyes will wish you had not. What am I?

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The sun

I can be white or dark, I am sweet and sometimes bitter and you see me on a cupcake or in a cookie. What am I?

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How did Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune make up the solar system?

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They plan-et

You can slice and dice me, peel and chop me, cut me, cook me and I might make you cry. What am I?

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An onion

I am always there for you, following you around like my best friend, copying everything you do, and lot of times you see me on the ground. What am I?

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Your shadow

Our collection ofwhat am I riddlesis another great place to find riddles that are easier to solve

I am a very hot ball up in the sky. I twinkle and shine, look small and bright? What am I?

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A star

What did addition say to the subtraction when they found each other on Facebook?

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Add me

I might be tiny or big on a ceiling but I can shine and illuminate everyone’s home at night. What am I?

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A light bulb

Love needs sunglasses, a cane and a guide dog. Why is this?

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Because love is blind

We are apples that you can buy at the store but you can’t eat me, why not?

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Because I am Apple products

I am known to be shorter than all my pals and every 4 years in the calendar I change just a bit and throw everyone off. What am I?

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I am the third child of the eight, I am also a mother, and it takes me 365.256 days to make a full circle. What am I?

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Mother Earth

You see me once in June, twice in November but never in May. What letter am I?

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I am the letter E

What did February do to April when she took him to the police academy?

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February March-ed April

How many months of the year have 28 days?

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All of them, of course

Feeling a bit naughty? Try thesedirty riddles

I am the curviest and sexiest of all the numbers, I invented the hourglass figure? Who am I?

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The number 8

Adam and Eve took a nibble from me, because the snake said they should, but because of this nibble they lost a lot of their good. What am I?

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Apples (from the tree of knowledge of good and evil)

What is sometimes long and other times short, thick or thin, full or sparse, and you can color it anything you want?

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There are usually 52 of me, with queens, kings and a princes a few. People use me to play games, magic and gamble too. What am I?

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Playing cards

What 5 letter word becomes larger when you add a letter onto it?

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The word “large”

What did the Zodiac get when the doctor tested him?

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What is old, white, republican, old, white, republican, and old, white, and republican?

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Donald Trump in the white house elevator

What did number two say to number one before going on a date to make sure that he’s available for dating?

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Are you single?

Where do rabbits go to enjoy their breakfast, lunch and dinner and a 24 hour pancakes?

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Try experimenting with these not quite as easyscience riddles

Easy Riddles for Kids

47 Really Easy Riddles - for Kids with Answers | Get Riddles (1)While the riddles above may not be a challenge for many, they could be a bit hard for young minds and others with mental challenges and might best be characterized as easy riddles for adults. Therefore, we created this special section of really easy riddles for kids with answers. It’s never too early to start exercising the mind of children and a great way to do that is with simple riddles for kids. Kids love riddles! For more, check out our largest selection ofriddles for kids.

The snowman needs me for him to be complete, I am a rabbit’s favorite food and if you put me in a cake, I’m sure I’ll taste real good. What am I?

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A carrot

People drink me every morning all over the world. I come from a bean and help people wake up. What am I?

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Children sit on my lap and take pictures with me every time the end of the year rolls around. Who am I?

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Santa Claus

You’ll find me in a soup, in a burger, in a pizza, I am green when raw and red when ripened and ready to become a condiment. What am I?

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What kind of music do bunnies like when they are hopping and jumping around?

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Hip hop music

I have a face, three hands, twelve numbers but I don’t have a body and legs. What am I?

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A clock

My fellows and I live in an ocean, we go to “school” and sometimes children get us for a pet and put us in an aquarium. Hopefully you’ll never have to send us down the toilet. What are we?

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You can see me in the Earth, Saturn and Mars but you won’t be able to see me in Venus. What letter am I?

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The letter A

Who is the most disrespectful and impolite of all the reindeer who happens to also be quite bright?

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I wag and I wiggle, I yelp and I sniff and sometimes I am usually incredibly excited when you return home. What am I?

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A dog

What did April say to June when he asked her to marry her?

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Yes you may

What is the smartest insect who also has a terrific vocabulary?

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A spelling bee

I am fierce, I am mighty, wild and ferocious, my face is surrounded with hair and I am known to be the ruler of the land. What am I?

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A lion

Sometimes I am empty, sometimes I am full. Sometimes I am in your back pocket, other times in a purse. If you need to buy something or prove who you are, you look for me. What am I?

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There’s 26 of us, we are made with lines and marks, you need us to say anything in English. What are we?

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The letters of the alphabet

Check out our Santa-approvedChristmas riddles

What number is the loneliest and spends most of its time being single and alone?

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The number one

One of my names is stratus, I am heaped and piled up in the sky, like a marshmallow I am fluffy and white. What am I?

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A cloud

What planet will have a fancy engagement party because it has the most rings?

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Jordan is hungry and has 3 apples with him but he can’t eat any of them. Why not?

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Because he only has an iPhone, Macbook and iPad

What did Aquarius say to Aries?

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I love you to Pisces

You dress me in December, hang lights and bows on me, and lofts of gifts live under me. What am I?

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A Christmas tree

Monkeys love me, people eat me, on top of ice cream too you’ll find me. What am I?

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A banana

Tie me, untie me, or leave me by the door, but I know your feet will thank me once you’ll wear me more. What am I?

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Wow! You made it all the way down here? Perhaps you need more of a challenge. Think you can handle thesehard riddleswith simple answers?

→We hope you enjoyed these mildly challenging and funny easy riddles with answers! Feel free to share them with other parents, educators and people who you think will enjoy them.

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